Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hot nights mean cold sangria

The weather in New England has been beyond hot...  Weeks before the official start of summer we've already begun to see temperatures in the nineties.  A few days it was at 97 degrees - ouch!  NOT a good week for my car's air conditioner to break down.
So what's a girl to do?  When life gives you lemons, throw them into a pitcher of red wine with some other fruit!

Here's what I worked with:
2 of the cheapest bottles of red wine I could find, Sweet Red at Wal-Mart cost $2.77 a bottle
3 each of limes, lemons, and oranges (rinsed)
Some pineapple
White Sugar (or sugar substitute) 
*This tastes better made at least a full day in advance.  The more these ingredients sit together, the better flavor your sangria will have.

Very quick steps:
1) Pick a pitcher to use, and empty your wine into it
2) Add the sugar; I used about a quarter cup
3) Squeeze as much juice out of your citrus fruits and pour into the pitcher.  You get a ton of juice with a reamer. I saved a few slices to put on top for show.
4) Put in pieces of pineapple, I used maybe a quarter of the pineapple
5) Let it sit until you just can't take it anymore!  Pour over ice, garnish with fruit, and voila!  Instant refresher!

My closest pitcher was a bit small, and it overflowed a little!  The hardest part is waiting a day to drink it.  

Cheers - and stay cool!

Here's the reamer that I use, and I LOVE it!  It's cheap, and gets so much juice out of your fruit for you:

 While you're at it, grab a new set of glasses and make it fancy!

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