Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pick Me Ups

We all have those days that really seem to get us down.  Here's a great collection of websites to get you to crack up.  Careful, not all are work appropriate!

  1. Awkward Family Photos -  A Collection of funny and extremely awkward photos.  Be sure to check out the AFP Hall of Fame!
  2. Cake Wrecks - When good cakes go wrong.  
  3. Take out your frustrations on bad spelling errors on Facebook from Some E Cards.
  4. Also on that site, bad parenting examples posted on Facebook for all of us to laugh at.
  5. Damn You Autocorrect is hilarious.  Rarely work appropriate!
  6. The Mompetition is for all of us that just aren't perfect, and are really ok with it.
  7. I usually throw out my failures before anyone can see it, but Craft Fail is such a better idea!  I LOVE knowing that my failure isn't the worst out there!
  8. Passive Aggressive Notes - Funny notes/signs
  9. Read some misheard lyrics at Kiss this Guy.  I'm guilty of quite a few.
  10. People of Wal-mart.  Classic.  May you never show up on this site.

Check out their books for more funny items!

Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously WrongAwkward Family PhotosPeople of Walmart: Shop and Awe

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